First aid education at the working place

Our teachers have many years of experience in the field of emergency medicine as wel las teaching. The program follows and includes always the latest medical protocols.

Length: 8 hours

Maximum 10 students at a time


Emergency care of unconscious people
Airway security
Chest massage
Usage of a semi-automatic defibrillator
Perform the Rautek maneuver
Handling of bleedings
Handling of burn injuries
Handling of shock
Handling of fractures

Treatment of special injuries and bleedings:
Treatment of uncommon fractures,
Binding techniques,

Treatment of medical disease:
Heart attack,
Hypoglycaemic coma of diabetes patient

We give every participant an official certificate.

First aid education at the working place
Price: 70.000HUF /group
The price includes all the material and demonstration tools necessary for the teaching at the customer’s office, including the transportation costs of the organizers.